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Service & Support

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Get the most from your training investment

Language training is a serious investment for your organization, in terms of both cost and time. As an HR manager, you must carefully balance the quality and expense of a training solution with how efficiently it can be integrated into your corporate structure. Above all, you need to be certain that the training programs you select are smoothly implemented, well-monitored, and cost-effective.

Support that delivers

From before your course begins, through its duration, and past its completion, our sales & support staff ensure that your Select Co. training programs deliver the results you expect and provide the records to document them.
Your Select Co. support staff:

  • consults with you during the pre-course stage, making sure your training courses meet your company’s requirements.
  • maintains close contact with students through class visitations during the course.
  • reports both positive and negative feedback to you on a regular basis.
  • promptly addresses requests that may arise during the course.

Reporting progress & Documenting participation

Maintaining accurate attendance records and tracking the progress of your employees is essential for you to determine whether or not your company is getting a good return on your language training investment. At the conclusion of your Select Co. training course, you are provided with a detailed attendance record and progress reports written by the instructor for each individual student. With this documentation you can be confident that your language training investment is paying off.

A familiar atmosphere

Your Select Co. training courses are conducted on-site at your company, which saves employees’ time and allows them to train with colleagues, and practice communication skills that can be applied directly to their industry and personal work situations.

Contact a Select Co. sales representatives to discover how we can help you with your language training programs.