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Business English Training Courses

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Give your employees communication skills they can use to excel on the world stage.

For doing business in Europe, the Americas, or Asia, foreign language skills are crucial for your company in order to take a leading role in the global marketplace. Whether it’s training in English, Chinese, Korean, or Japanese, our training solutions maximize the language proficiency of your organization.

Your Select Co. training courses are individually tailored to help employees interact with the world in a second language and excel professionally in the international business place. An in-depth pre-course assessment establishes the students’ existing linguistic abilities and the communication skills needed for their jobs are identified. Based on these criteria, the curriculum is designed, relevant training materials are chosen, and the most suitable instructor is assigned to direct the course for your employees.


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English Training Courses

Our English training courses help your staff succeed in business on a global scale. Through participation in our courses your employees:

  • build the confidence necessary for functioning in a second language
  • develop natural English speaking & listening skills
  • expand their range of active words & phrases necessary for functioning in international business
  • learn about Western business customs and other cultural differences that impact communication


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Chinese Training Courses

As China’s economy continues to grow, Chinese language skills have become more relevant than ever for Japanese companies. In addition to thorough training in grammar, pronunciation, and communication proficiency, your employees:

  • learn how to interact in Chinese society
  • gain insight on Chinese customs and taboos
  • develop an understanding of the Chinese mindset
  • study about the regional differences in China


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Korean Training Courses

More information coming soon…


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Japanese Training Courses

Do you have overseas staff working in Japan? Can they communicate clearly with their colleagues in meetings? Are they able to navigate in their daily lives outside of the office? Our Japanese training courses range from beginner to advanced levels of ability and ensure that your foreign staff can succeed during their time in Japan.