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Focused training on specific language skills

Whether it is to improve meeting performance, develop professional presentation skills, increase the speed and clarity of email correspondence, or prepare for a transfer overseas, our skill courses are customized to fit your industry so that your employees train to use language directly related to their job activities.


Email Writing Course

The international business world relies on email as its primary method of communication. Our E-mail Writing Course develops your staff’s abilities to ensure that every communication reflects your company to its maximum potential. Students receive extensive training and rehearsal to improve the content, format, and tone of their correspondence, as well as the speed and accuracy with which they can.. read more


Overseas Prep Course

Employees embarking on a long-term overseas transfer or who will spend significant time working abroad need practical foreign language skills and cross cultural training in order to succeed outside of Japan. In our intensive Overseas Prep Course, students practice a variety of communication skills vital for their success in business as well as receive cross cultural training that ensures a.. read more


Presentation Course

A captivating sales presentation can be the difference between earning a contract or not. A smooth introduction to your business can set the right tone for your relationship with a new client. In our Presentation Skills Course, your employees construct a well-structured message, develop attractive visual elements, and rehearse with an eye on performance en route to becoming smooth and.. read more


Active Meetings Course

The aggressive world of international business does not patiently wait for everyone to take turns speaking. The Active Meetings Course prepares your representatives to take assertive action and push your company to the forefront of negotiations, conferences, and sales opportunities. Develop your employees’ communication skills, tactics, and cultural insights in a manner that goes beyond vocabulary. Students’ abilities develop through.. read more