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Allow your company to perform on the world stage through language and communication training for your staff.

Since 1989, Japan-based companies like your own have used our language training programs to break the boundaries of the domestic market and take the spotlight on the international stage.

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Here is what some of our existing clients have to say about our training:

I thought this class was fantastic because I was able to use my new English skills at work the week after I had learned it in the class. It was a great opportunity to study professional level English and business manners.

The best thing about taking this course was the teacher. The class was fun and lessons were easy to understand, which encouraged me to continue—this is very important for English conversation lessons. I’m thankful to have had this teacher.

I wrote about content relative to my business situation. Despite the topics being quite specific, the teacher always gave an accurate reply. I really appreciated it. Especially because I can’t always learn word nuance with a dictionary. having a native speaker’s help was ideal.