The aggressive world of international business does not patiently wait for everyone to take turns speaking. The Active Meetings Course prepares your representatives to take assertive action and push your company to the forefront of negotiations, conferences, and sales opportunities. Develop your employees’ communication skills, tactics, and cultural insights in a manner that goes beyond vocabulary.

Students’ abilities develop through role plays, culminating in an in-depth meeting scenario customized to reflect the challenges that present themselves in your company’s role within its industry.

With easy-to-understand communication as the core point, your employees will:

  • Receive the Select Meeting Guideline Handbook
  • Learn how to communicate clearly
  • Practice phrases for a variety of situations (giving opinions, responding positively/negatively, giving alternatives, opening/closing meetings, etc.)
  • Learn how to think creatively
  • Prepare for and practice a real-life meeting
  • and more…

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